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About the Auditor's Office

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Randall Rice, CPA, CITP, CISA, CIO, CBM, DABFA, CGMA – (409) 770-5301

The position of County Auditor is filled by appointment by the State District Judges for a term of two years. The County Auditor's appointment, duties and authority are set by state law, primarily in the Local Government Code, Chapter 84.

The Auditor is also the Fiscal Officer for the Galveston County Community Supervision and Correction Department.

First Assistant County Auditor

Kristin Bulanek, BBA, CIA – (409) 770-5408

Mrs. Bulanek is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the County Auditor's Office including the Internal Audit, Accounting and Accounts Payable. She provides technical guidance and supervision to the employees of the Auditor's Office. Mrs. Bulanek develops goals and objectives of the office and ensures plans are set in place to accomplish these goals and objectives.

Internal Audit Manager

Lori McWhirter, BS – (409) 770-5356

The Internal Audit Division performs procedures relative to elected and appointed County Officials, external entities, financial processes and general ledger account balances. Engagements are selected for inclusion on the annual audit plan based upon the perceived level of inherent and control risk.

Accounting Manager

Lauren Swift, BS – (409) 770-5366

The Accounting Division performs accounting procedures to maintain the county’s financial accounts and ensure the integrity and accuracy of county assets. The Accounting Division also generates and publishes the county’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, for which it has won the Government Finance Officers Association’s Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting every year beginning with 1997.

Accounts Payable Supervisor

Taylor Lee, BS – (409) 770-5308

The Accounts Payable Division is responsible for auditing and coding all claims submitted for payment. The claims are audited for Court approval, budget, management approvals, and all required supporting documentation.