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Fraud, Waste and Abuse

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It is the intent of Galveston County to establish and maintain a fair, ethical and honest business environment for all county employees, customers, suppliers and anyone else with whom the county has a relationship. Fraud not only involves loss of revenue, but decreased morale and productivity.


The misrepresentation of a material fact, knowingly or with reckless indifference to the truth, in order to obtain a benefit or payment to which one would normally not be entitled


The negligent or extravagant expenditure of county funds, incurring of expenses, or misuse of county resources or property


The intentionally wrongful or improper use of county resources that can include the excessive or improper use of one’s position, in a manner contrary to its rightful or legally intended use

Examples of Activities to be Reported

  • Theft of county funds or property
  • Significant waste of county funds or property
  • Bribes, kickbacks, contract or procurement fraud
  • Payroll fraud
  • Abuse of authority
  • Fraudulent reimbursement claims
  • Reprisal against a person making a hotline report

Reporting Fraud, Waste & Abuse

If fraud, waste or abuse is suspected within the county, please report the issue via any of the following:

Hotline Phone Number: (409) 770-5329

Hotline Email:

Hotline Mailing Address:

County Auditor’s Office
ATTN: Randall Rice
PO Box 1418
Galveston, Texas 77553

Respecting Your Anonymity

The reporting individual has the option to remain anonymous. If you choose to remain anonymous, be assured your complaint will receive the same attention as all reports received.

If identity is disclosed, the Galveston County Auditor’s Office is committed to protecting the reporting individual’s identity and confidentiality. The phone and email go directly to the County Auditor and are not answered or read by anyone else, including other County Auditor’s Office employees.