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County Road Crossing Permit

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June 23, 2000
County of Galveston
Office of the County Engineer
722 Moody
Galveston, Texas 77550
(409) 770-5554 | (409) 770·5552

Requirements for Installation of Pipelines and Utilities Along or Across Galveston County Road Right-Of-Ways in Unincorporated Areas:

  1. Common Carriers may exercise their right subject to the Texas Transportation code (copy enclosed).
  2. Pipeline Company will need to submit documentation that shows they are a Common Carrier.
  3. Please do the following:
    1. Fill out and sign the application form. If the contractor is unknown, please state as such.
    2. Sign the two permit forms in the space labeled applicant.
    3. Execute the bond in the amount of $100,000.00. Utility companies do not need bond.
    4. Return a, b, & c along with a vicinity map and two sets of plans of the proposed pipeline to Galveston County Engineering Department.