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Control Operations

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One of the most important aspects of our Integrated Pest Management strategies is surveillance. Our surveillance program allows us to identify the extent of our mosquito concerns and to plan daily for control operations. The information provided by surveillance is used to determine our daily spray schedule and allows us to anticipate future mosquito problems.

Surveillance Details

Larval Control

Larviciding is one method used to control mosquitoes when they are in the larva stages. We concentrate on finding, monitoring, and treating mosquitoes while they are in their larval form.

Larval Control Details

Adult Control

Adulticiding is the process of controlling adult mosquito populations. We currently use two methods of adulticiding: aerial application by plane, and ground application by trucks.

Adult Control Details

Spray Schedule

At the end of the day we assign areas to be sprayed for the evening. We use surveillance reports and service request lists to determine our decision. The spray schedule includes the areas assigned for the evening and the areas that were last sprayed. To request a spray call 1-800-842-5622.

Spray Schedule Details