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Rules and Regulations

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The following rules apply, unless otherwise noted, in all recreation facilities operated by the Galveston County Parks & Cultural Services Department for the County of Galveston as represented by the Commissioners’ Court of Galveston. County.

These rules and regulations are general guidelines for the County parks. Exceptions to or modifications in these regulations may be made by the Director of the Parks Department on a case-by-case basis, as individual circumstances warrant. Please email with any questions.

1. Hours for Use

All county-owned facilities within the boundaries of Galveston County shall be open to the public only during designated hours posted at each facility entrance. All boat launching facilities operated by the Department shall be open 24 hours a day, unless otherwise posted or controlled. It is prohibited for anyone to be within the boundaries of any facility other than within the hours posted, unless an exclusive-use permit has been granted. View the Park Hours of Operation.

2. Smoking Prohibited

Smoking and the use of any tobacco product, including chewing tobacco and snuff, are prohibited within community buildings in County-owned park facilities.

3. Glass Containers Prohibited

In the interest of public safety, use or possession of glass containers in any County-operated outdoor park facility, including open-air pavilions, shelters, and barbecue sheds, is prohibited.

4. Motor Vehicle Operation, Speed, and Traffic Control

4.1 Operation
All motorized vehicles other than County equipment or contractors’ vehicles in the employ of the County shall be restricted to driving and parking on paved or improved driving surfaces and/or designated areas. It is against regulations to operate a motor vehicle in any County-operated park facility off the road, except in designated areas provided for vehicular traffic. Furthermore, it shall be prohibited for any person to operate a motor vehicle in any County-operated park facility that is not lawfully licensed, registered, and inspected according to State of Texas and/or County of Galveston statute, ordinance, or regulation.

4.2 Speed Limits
The speed limit for vehicular traffic in the County-owned parks shall be 20 miles per hours unless otherwise signed along facility roadways. No person shall operate a vehicle at a speed greater than 20 miles per hour in a County park facility unless signs along park roadways shall designate a different speed limit.

4.3 Traffic Control
It is prohibited to ignore traffic control signage that may be erected in County-operated park facilities to define vehicular routing, stopping, and parking.

5. Alcohol Restrictions

5.1 Types of alcohol
The only types of alcohol that may be consumed in County park facilities are wine and beer; liquor is prohibited.

5.2 Youth athletic events
Alcohol consumption or possession is prohibited in County park facilities by participants or spectators in organized youth athletic events.

6. Fireworks Prohibited

No person shall use or possess fireworks in any County-owned park facility except as arranged by permit.

7. Open Fires Prohibited

It is prohibited for any person to start or use a fire for cooking or heating in any County-owned park facility except in stationary GRILLS OR STOVES PROVIDED BY THE County for such purposes, or in portable grills or stoves designed for such purposes.

8. Littering Prohibited

Littering the grounds of any County-owned park facility is prohibited. Littering shall be defined as failure to place paper, cans, or other rubbish into trash receptacles provided for such purposes. This regulation shall also prohibit the depositing of household or commercial rubbish into any County-owned garbage receptacles or on County-owned property.

9. Overnight Camping Prohibited

Overnight camping in County-owned park facilities is prohibited unless (a) a facility is specifically designated and operated as a campground or camping area, or (b) a facility or portion of a facility is permitted for exclusive use for a specific, organized camping event. Call (409) 934-8100 for permit information.

10. Firewood Cutting Prohibited

Cutting down or breaking down either living or dead trees, shrubs, other plants on County-owned park facilities, by any person other than County personnel or contractors as part of routine or special maintenance, is prohibited.

11. Grills Prohibited on Wooden Decks

Portable cooking devices such as charcoal grills are prohibited on wooden sundecks, playgrounds, or boardwalk decks in County-owned park facilities.

12. Unattended Personal Belongings

No one may leave personal belongings including chairs, umbrellas, fishing tackle, picnic equipment, coolers, grills, toys, etc., unattended for more than one hour within the boundaries of any County-owned park with the following signage. The County is not responsible for unattended personal belongings.

13. Paintball Prohibited

Possession or use of paintball guns, paintballs, or other related equipment is prohibited in County-owned park facilities.

14. Horses

Riding or leading a horse is prohibited in County-owned park facilities except in designated equestrian arenas or trails, or unless otherwise arranged through special permit.

15. Dogs and Other Animals

Dogs and other animals must be kept confined on leashes within County-owned park facilities except during organized training events or animal shows. No animals other than services animals are allowed within County park community buildings.

16. Aluminum Retrieval Prohibited

Entering or looking through garbage receptacles, turning over such receptacles, or using probes or other tools to search through receptacles for the purpose of retrieving aluminum cans or other materials on County-owned park facilities is prohibited.

17. Metal Detecting is Prohibited

Metal detecting is not allowed in any County Park.