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Probationers' Resources

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Probation, or Community Supervision, in the State of Texas is an alternative to incarceration in a jail or prison. It is a form of punishment for violating the laws of the land and it is an opportunity to make positive changes in the lives of Probationers.

There are two types of probation:

Regular - criminal history will reflect a conviction

Deferred Adjudication - criminal history will reflect the arrest

Probationers are able to remain in the community, work, and be with families and friends as long as the conditions of probation are being abided. Community Supervision Officers (CSOs) are assigned to Probationers to monitor compliance of conditions of probation and to take appropriate actions when Probationers fail to comply with those conditions. CSOs are assigned to assist probationers in becoming successful while on probation.

First Visit with CSO

Probationers should bring the following to their first meeting with their CSOs.

  • Completed Budget Worksheet
  • Driver's license and vehicle insurance card
  • Texas ID (if no driver's license)
  • High school diploma or GED documentation
  • Documentation of any existing medical conditions
  • Prescriptions for all medications
  • Verification of address (i.e., lease, water bill, etc.)
  • Verification of employment (paycheck stub)
  • Immigration registration (if applicable)
  • Social Security card
  • Certificates from all programs already completed
  • Court costs and fine fees documentation

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