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Community Service Restitution

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Probationers may be given Community Service Restitution as part of their Court-ordered conditions of probation. GCCSCD maintains a list of agencies approved for CSR work and Probationers will not be awarded hours that are completed at agencies not approved by GCCSCD. Probationers must complete CSR hours as ordered at the rate scheduled by their CSOs or Court with an approved agency.

Agencies, either government or non-profit, make various duties available to Probationers for CSR hours such as clerical work, janitorial work, computer data entry, customer service, kitchen help, carpentry, etc. The CSR Coordinator assigns Probationers to agencies based on location, schedules, and criteria from the agencies.

Agency Participation

Agencies that would like to participate in the CSR Program may contact the CSR Coordinator for a participation packet.

CSR Coordinator
Donna Moore
715 19th Street
Galveston, Texas 77550