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The Precinct 4 Constable’s Office handles warrants issued by the Justice of the Peace Courts and other jurisdictions.The majority of these warrants consist of Traffic Violations and other offenses which include warrants dealing with School Attendance, Public Intoxication, Minor Drug offenses and Simple Assaults.

The filing location for a warrant in the Precinct 4 jurisdiction is:

Galveston County Annex
174 Calder Road, Suite 111
League City Texas 77573

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What to Expect After a Warrant is Issued

Once a warrant is received by the Constable’s Office it is immediately date/time stamped and assigned to a Warrant Deputy.The assigned Deputy will attempt to contact the wanted subject.Attempts consist of checking the Galveston County jail system to determine if the wanted person is already in custody, mailing a Warrant Notice advising the violator of their potential for arrest, contacting the individual’s phone at home and/or place of business. Measures are taken to place a hold on the subject’s ability to renew their Texas Driver’s License, and finally arresting and booking the person into the Galveston County jail. The success of these attempts is highly dependent on the accuracy of the information stated in the warrant affidavit and the associated investigative resources provided by Galveston County.

How to Resolve an Outstanding Warrant

In the event you have a warrant and want to get it resolved, contact the court clerk at 281-316-8717.Please provide the clerk with your Name, date of birth, and Texas Driver’s License or Texas Identification Number. Older warrants are sometimes more difficult to resolve as your current personal information may have changed. Any and all information should be provided to the court clerk to assist in accessing your file. Depending on the specifics of the warrant the court clerk will provide you instructions on getting the matter resolved.

Check the status of a warrant in a public database (you will need a Texas Driver's License).

Anyone within the State of Texas can have their license renewal placed on hold for an outstanding Misdemeanor Warrant. If the results indicate that a warrant exists it is advisable to contact the Department of Public Safety to confirm the status of your license.

How to Assist the Constable’s Office in Resolving Outstanding Warrants

If you would like to assist us, and have information on locating someone who may have outstanding warrants; Please contact our office at: 281-316-8711 or the Warrant Deputy directly at 281-316-8776.