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Friend of the Courts

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In these unprecedented times, please allow these instructions to serve as COVID-19 information for pro se parties with uncontested family law matters

Please note that the office of the Friend of the Courts is not open for in-person meetings during this time.

In order to have your uncontested, agreed, family law matter finalized by the Court, you must pick up a submission packet from the District Clerk’s office. Please follow all instructions provided in the packet and complete all forms that pertain to your case type. Once your case is completed for final review by the Court, you may submit your packet back to the District Clerk’s office for review by the Friend of the Courts.

If you are unsure if your case is completed and ready for final review by the Court, please refer to the Texas Law Help website for instructions and forms.

The Friend of the Courts shall only approve paperwork for final review by the Court that is uncontested, completed (leaving no blanks), agreed to and signed by all necessary parties. If your case is contested, incomplete or not signed by all parties, your packet will be returned to you. You will be notified to pick it up at the office of the Friend of the Courts.

Once the Friend of the Courts has reviewed your paperwork, you will be contacted regarding the status of your case. Please allow 10-14 days for review. If your case is approved by the Friend of the Courts, it will be submitted to the Court in which your cases is in for final review by the Judge. If your case is not approved, you will be notified as to the reasons why.

Default Matters – Please be advised that the Family Law Courts are not conducting Default Hearings at this time under the COVID-19 Order. If you are seeking a default judgment, you are required to wait until such time as the court are allowed to conduct non-emergency hearings, including defaults. You will need to check back with the court in which your case is in for more information regarding default hearings.

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