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Galveston County's Family Court

Judge Darring

Info for Vulnerable Populations

Announcement to Parties and Attorneys with Cases in the 306th District Court

For the protection of the citizens of Galveston County, the 306th District Court courtroom and offices are closed.

The Court is still open and operating via electronic and telephonic means.

All trial and hearings in the 306th Court are cancelled until April 30, 2020 unless the Court notifies you otherwise.

These cancellations include hearings in CPS Court, A.G. Court and Associate Judge Steve Baker’s Court.

Cancelled trials and hearings as well as new filings are being set remotely through telephonic/video means.

The litigants and attorneys will be notified of the new settings.

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times.

Judge Anne B. Darring

Contact with the Court

"A Judge….shall not directly or indirectly initiate, permit, nor consider ex parte or other private communications concerning the merits of a pending or impending judicial proceeding. A Judge shall require compliance with this subsection by court personnel subject to his or her direction and control…"
Judicial Code of Conduct Cannon 3 Section A(5)

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