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About Judge Darring

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Judge DarringJudge Anne B. Darring practiced family law in Texas City for 25 years before becoming the Family Court Judge.

Originally from Mobile, Alabama, the Judge got her Bachelor’s Degree with honors from University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Her legal education at South Texas College of Law was interrupted twice by the birth of her two children, Jeffrey and Dustin, now adults. She has been married 30 years to her husband Mark.

Judge Darring graduated with her Doctorate in Jurisprudence in 1989 in the top 20% of her graduating class. During those years, she achieved Deans List, Order of Lytae and the American Jurisprudence Awards.

After a couple of years with a small firm, Judge Darring opened a Family Law Practice in Texas City where she lives and raised her family. During those years, Judge Darring found joy helping families resolve their disputes in court as well as through mediation and settlement.

Children and family have always been a priority for the Judge. Her goal as the Judge for the only court in Galveston County that exclusively handles family cases, is to provide a court that is prompt, fair and accessible to the families in the county.

Being in court is a scary place for most people. The Judge and Staff of the 306th District Court will do their best to provide an environment that helps the families resolve their disputes in an efficient yet supportive manner.

About This Website

This website has been designed to help the litigants of the 306th and the Attorneys who practice here with their procedural issues.

Visit the 306th Policies and Procedures page to find the procedural guidelines for the court.

Visit the Don’t Have an Attorney? page for information for Self Represented parties coming to court on uncontested cases.

Visit the Documents and Forms page for most of the forms needed to finalize a divorce, custody, child support or adoption case in the 306th.

Visit the Family Case Search page to be linked to the location where you can type in your cause number (the number at the top of you pleadings) and check out the status of your case. You can also do a search on this link with names.

Visit the 306th home page and click on the names in the sidebar on the right to be introduced to the Staff of the 306th District Court. It also gives you phone numbers an email link to contact us with any questions or to get a setting.

Judge Darring and her entire staff hope that the 306th District Court provides the best possible venue to help you through these difficult moments for your family.