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Financial Obligations

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Note your child's name on all cashier checks and money orders. Make payments at the time of your child's office appointments or mail payments directly to:

Name of your child's probation officer
Juvenile Justice Dept.
6101 Attwater Ave.
Dickinson, Texas 77539

Confirm the payment due dates on the probation/DP rules, due dates may vary and the first payment may be due at the time of the first appointment. If you have any questions about your financial obligations, please contact your child's probation officer. Be advised that if payments are not made timely, per the disposition order, the Probation Officer will schedule a hearing before the court. Parents are urged to save all receipts.


Restitution payments are to be made payable to the person cited on the court order. Payments must be "stand alone" and cannot be combined with other types of payment, such as court costs or fees. Payments must be in the form of Cashier's Check or Postal Money Order (purchased from the U.S. Postal Services).

Restitution via cashier check or postal money order only

Payments to Galveston County

Generally, the court requires payment of court costs ($20.00), attorney fees (as assessed by court), child support (as assessed by court), and fees ($15.00 monthly). Cashier check or money order should be made payable to the "County OF Galveston". Payments toward these various fees may be combined into one money order or cashier check. For example, a money order for $35.00 can be split with $20.00 toward court costs and $15.00 toward fees. These payments do not require a money order purchased from the U.S. Postal Service.

Cash and personal checks are not accepted for any payment

Where to Make Payments

Payments may be hand-delivered at the Juvenile Justice Department. Payments may also be mailed to the child’s probation officer.

Galveston County Juvenile Justice Department
6101 Attwater
Dickinson, Texas 77539
Attention: cite the name of child’s probation officer