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Probation Supervision

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Probation supervision consists of enforcement of the orders of the court and monitoring the juvenile’s compliance with the court orders. The probation officer holds regular office visits with the child and parents as well as conducts home visits and visits to the school. These contacts are to determine compliance with the rules and conditions of the probation disposition order. The intensity of supervision provided by the department is guided by the sanction level cited on the court order. The “sanction level” refers to a continuum of legal responses based upon the seriousness of the offense. Probation supervision routinely requires the juvenile to perform community service restitution, payment of various fees and restitution, and drug and alcohol testing. The probation officer may refer the juvenile and his parents, as needed, to a variety of programs and services such as psychological counseling, drug and alcohol counseling, intensive case management and the About TLC Program. In very limited instances a juvenile may be ordered by the court to a long term residential program.