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TLC Day Program

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The Transforming Lives Cooperative (TLC) Day program is the continuation of a cognitive behavioral approach to rehabilitation initiated in late 2008. The program, formerly known as the About Face Program, adopted the TLC name in 2010 to better reflect the department’s commitment to therapeutic programming. This cognitive behavioral program helps program participants learn how thinking errors affect their life and the lives of those around them. The program has evolved from its inception as a boot camp to the current therapeutic community approach. Staff members encourage program participants to process decisions leading to problem behaviors based on whether the behavior is hurting them or someone else, against the rules, making things worse, selfish, or illegal. Probationers are prompted to identify thinking errors being used and alternative ways of thinking and behaving. The TLC program was implemented to reduce the number of juveniles committed to the Texas Youth Commission and as an alternative to long-term residential placement.

The TLC Day program only accepts juveniles assigned by order of the Juvenile Court. All program participants are under juvenile court jurisdiction, with rules of probation and expectations for daily reporting, participation in all required program activities and compliance with program rules, policies and procedures. This program is operated in a structured educational setting, on location at the Jerry J. Esmond Juvenile Justice Center, under the constant direction, supervision, and guidance of program staff referred to as Team Leaders. Educational needs are provided for by contract with the Dickinson Independent School District. Additional contract services provided to program participants include: psychological testing; psychiatric assessment and treatment; individual, group and family counseling; sex offender treatment; substance abuse education and treatment; Youth Cognitive Lifeskills training; and onsite medical services.

The TLC Program's intent is to provide a program to effectively channel the delinquent juvenile's behavior into more positive outcomes in the forms of willing law abiding citizens, instilling within its participants the importance of decision making, self discipline, responsibility, and respect towards one’s self and one’s community. It is our commitment to accomplish this in the least restrictive and most cost effective manner possible.