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Technical Advisory Committee

The Regional Flood Control District Board is advised on technical matters by a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Current members work for local governments. The District's General Manager/Chief Engineer (serving as the Executive Director of the committee) and a representative of the Citizens' Advisory Committee are both non-voting members of the TAC.

RFCD 5-30-19-18

Current TAC membership:

Member Title Entity
Ed McGuire, Chair Director, Public Works Henderson
Steve Ford, Vice Chair City Engineer Las Vegas
Keegan Littrell Director, Public Works Boulder City
Denis Cederburg Director, Public Works Clark County
John Solvie District's Water Quality Compliance Mgr. CCWRD
Lance Olson Assistant Director, Public Works Henderson
Mike Janssen Director, Public Works Las Vegas
Travis Anderson  Director, Public Works 
Dale Daffern  Director, Public Works North Las Vegas
Alternate Title Entity
Jim Keane City Engineer Boulder City
Robert Thompson Deputy Director, Public Works Clark County
Joseph Leedy
Principal Planner, Water Quality CCWRD
Lance Olson
Assistant Director, Public Works Henderson
Tom Davy
City Engineer Henderson
Mark Sorenson
Engineering Program Manager Las Vegas
Oh-Sang Kwon
Engineering Project Manager Las Vegas
Richard Secrist
Director, Developmental Services Dept. Mesquite
Tom Brady
Director of Utilities North Las Vegas
Mike Hudgeons
Manager of Engineering North Las Vegas

Citizens' Advisory CommitteeRFCD 6-03-19-9

The Citizens' Advisory Committee (CAC) is composed of one citizen appointed by each city council and the county commission included in the District, and one citizen appointed by each Board member. The CAC was created to represent public interest and advise the Board.

Current CAC membership:

Member Entity
Ronald Newell, Chair Clark County
William Starmer, Vice-Chair Las Vegas
James Houts Boulder City
Jeffrey Lastofka Boulder City
Ed Uehling Clark County
Larry Schultz Clark County
Harshal Desai Henderson
Jim Jordano Henderson
Brian Wilson Las Vegas
Norman Ashford  Mesquite
Karina Barragan North Las Vegas