Report illegal dumping

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Report Illegal Dumping

How to Report Illegal Dumping

Illegal/illicit dumping and discharges (e.g., trash, oil, sewage, and chemicals) are a major cause of storm water pollution. Public witness complaints provide the most common source of information. Illegal/illicit dumping and discharges should be reported to the jurisdiction where the activity is taking place.

If you witness illegal/illicit dumping or discharges in: You should call:                                                                                                                                              
City of Henderson  (702) 267-3028 (Monday - Thursday 6:00 am - 4:00 pm; Public Works)
(702) 267-5000 (After hours; Henderson Police Department)
City of Las Vegas (702) 229-6594 (Environmental Compliance Section)
City of North Las Vegas (702) 633-1313 (Public Works)
(702) 633-1677 (Code Enforcement Division)
 Clark County (702) 668-8674 (Water Quality Division)


In addition to your local jurisdiction (who you should call first), the Southern Nevada Health District also responds to illegal/illicit dumping complaints. The Southern Nevada Health District Environmental Health Division can be reached at: (702) 759-0600, Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, or (702) 759-1000 after hours. Many local jurisdictions also have complaint forms that can be completed online. See your local jurisdiction’s website for more details.

Questions Concerning Your Sanitary Sewer System

To find out about the proper disposal of wastewater to the sanitary sewer, contact the local sanitary sewer operator in your area.

 Boulder City - Public Works (702) 293-9266
 City of Henderson - Water Treatment Plant (702) 267-2500
 City of Las Vegas - Environmental Compliance Section (702) 229-6594
 City of North Las Vegas - Environmental Section (702) 633-1101
 Clark County Water Reclamation District (702)668-8888