Capital Improvement Program

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Pittman North

The Regional Flood Control District aims to implement projects that provide the community with flood protection by focusing on the following objectives:

  1. Oversee the construction of flood control facilities identified in the Regional Flood Control District Master Plan(s).

  2. Ensure effective and efficient maintenance of flood control facilities.

  3. Manage the Local Drainage Program to aid the community.

  4. Monitor and respond to state/federal legislation that may impact the discharge of the Master Plans.

  5. Evaluate multi-use proposals for projects.

  6. Participate in engineering associations.

  7. Solicit and evaluate input from the construction industry and design community, including entity consultants, to address design, construction, and maintenance of flood control projects.

  8. Review proposed Capital Improvement Program design submittals within 30 days after receipt.

  9. Update the District’s Ten Year Construction Program by July 1 to integrate the financial and engineering planning processes.