Hydrologic Criteria and Drainage Design Manual Update

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The Clark County Regional Flood Control District and our member entities are updating the Hydrologic Criteria and Drainage Design Manual and we would like you to be a part of the team!  Right now, we are collecting comments and suggestions on errors, clarifications, or changes needed to the current Manual and/or content and usability enhancements to be incorporated into the updated Manual.

Please provide your comments to the working group using one of the following options:

  1. Click here to open the Manual in an Adobe Document Cloud session and make your suggestions right in the document. For best results, we recommend using the Google Chrome browser. IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for any of your comments to be saved in the session, make sure you hit the option to "POST" the comment when you are done with your markup.


    Also note there is a button to "Open in Acrobat", which will allow you to open the shared file directly on your desktop. This will work much faster than an internet browser and allow you to search and navigate quickly though the file and add any comments.

    Please log in (or enter your name if joining the session as a guest) when entering comments so we can follow up as needed.

    You can also copy and paste the link below into your Google Chrome browser for best results:

    *For help with Adobe Document Cloud, view the online Adobe DC Review tutorial

  2. For those wishing to comment in another format, send comments to CCRFCDDrainageManual@atkinsglobal.com.


    Those with already compiled lists, background information, or supporting documents can send them as email attachments (50 MB limit).  For larger file sizes, contact the consultant team at the email above for instructions on how access our FTP site. 

    Note: For all other inquiries, please contact Andrew Trelease at (atrelease@regionalflood.org or 702.685.0000), Matthew Wilkinson at 702.551.0345, or send an email to CCRFCDDrainageManual@atkinsglobal.com.

The initial comment period is closed.

However, we are still aceepting comments while we complete the data collection phase of the project. Please provide any outstanding comments to the working group as soon as possible.

Next Meeting Details

Next meeting to be determined once we go through the initial round of comments.

Please check back here for more information and meeting dates.