Historical Rainfall

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The following data lists contain rainfall data for every year except the current year. The data is in a comma-separated value format; the columns are separated by a comma and each line represents one record. The first column is the gauge id, in a numeric format. The second column is the starting date and time for the reading. The third column is the numeric value produced by the reading. If there is no value in the third column (i.e. a NULL value) then no data was available for that 24-hour period for that sensor.

For example, if the date in the second column is 3/1/2003 and the first column contains 4424, then the value in the third column would represent the total rainfall that occurred for gauge 4424 starting at 3/1/2003 00:00:00 and ending at 3/1/2003 23:59:59.

The data files are zipped so as to reduce download time. Extract the CSV file from the ZIP file to gain access to the data.

The Regional Flood Control District collects hydrometeorologic data primarily for the purpose of detecting situations which could cause flooding. This data may not represent the official data for Las Vegas or the Clark County area. While reasonable efforts are made to ensure that accurate and reliable data is provided, the District makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, regarding the quality of this data. All data presented here should be regarded as provisional and subject to change. Questions or comments may be addressed to John Tennert.

Rainfall Values by Year

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